6 ladders, 114 rungs, 125+ feet

6 ladders, 114 rungs, 125+ feet

Cameras, actors, dancers, and crew, roamed Pyramid Quarry last week as RiTE Media Group filmed a new short film, “Change & Touch,” created by writer/director, Colin Michael Quinn. Details of the movie are “still under wraps,” but the underlying story is about space travel.

Mike Rutherford and the generous staff of Pyramid Stone Industries, helped orchestrate the film crew and every bit of their equipment to arrive safely at the bottom of the quarry. Over 27 participants, including a medic and Camera Ready liaison, were led one-by-one down a series of ladders to the proposed “alien site.”

Pyramid Stone Industries is known for its quarried granite involved in the creation of our famous “Georgia Guidestones,” excavated from precisely the same spot as the movie shooting. Bo Rutherford, of Pyramid Stone said, “We were chosen for the Guidestones because of our fine grain, dark blue stone.”

“The act of filming something brand new puts the county in front of other movie companies and continues to build our Camera Ready resume,” said Susan Warner, manager of the state’s Elbert County Camera Ready program, through the Development Authority of Elbert County, Elberton & Bowman. “This will be the second movie credit on the state site since the comedy-drama Breaking Away with Shaun Cassidy– a huge deal for our county! The movie industry in Georgia has an economic impact of almost $10 billion, and Elbert County is ready to be a movie host.”

Georgia holds the movie filming industry No. 3 spot, just behind Los Angeles (GPP/C.D. 2017), and according to MovieMaker Magazine, Atlanta was named No. 1 in “Living,” for filmmakers. Our film tax incentives are a critical factor in Georgia’s recruitment, and the state is appreciative and eager for a more significant industry presence.

Paris Schulman, CEO of RiTE Media Group, thanked the Authority with this statement: “Elbert County was beyond accommodating in helping to make this aspect of our project a huge success and we urge more of our compatriots in the production business to look to Elbert for their filming location needs. Incredible experience!”

RiTE Media was on location only one day, but they unquestionably added to our economy. The production company not only purchased items from local retailers but also frequented a local restaurant.

“I personally counted 114 rungs on six ladders,” said Warner. “The whole experience was amazing, absolutely beautiful and utterly awesome! I saw both the quarry and film industry in a new perspective. Everything was professionally choreographed!”

Recently, there has been a presentation to both city and county officials about a possible viewing platform at this site for public tours. “This quarry is incredible, and our visitors and residents hopefully will have an opportunity to experience all I saw, with a platform,” said Warner.

Equipment and More Equipment...3 Hour Setup

Equipment and More Equipment…3 Hour Setup


Retrieving Equipment: People Climb, Equipment Rides

Retrieving Equipment: People Climb, Equipment Rides

Anyone interested in having your personal property listed as a potential filming location—think stardom— visit here, and read all about it. The Georgia Department of Economic Development continually updates appropriate locations for film sites.