Stone TruckBetween planning meetings and county meetings, information about one particular project seems to have been released little-by-little.

The Development Authority of Elbert County, Elberton & Bowman has been working on a new project for well over a year, but now, since secrecy is diminished and there is a definite need to offset rumors and misinformation, it has been decided to release a small portion of details about the county’s new project, Project Stone.

“The announcement is a little premature, as final conditions within a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) are NOT YET AGREED between the county and Georgia Stone Products, said Rusty Warner, Authority Executive Director. “Recent indications show the project is happening, though. Permits have been pulled, and final re-zoning has been approved. Also, new inground infrastructure is already planned for utility location by the City of Elberton.”

In addition to Warner, project cooperation is due to the efforts of Jason Smith and Jim Stovall who shared duties as Chairman in successive years. Another big “thank you” should also go to the Elbert County commissioners and City of Elberton for all their work. “This is a true team effort,” said Stovall.

Georgia Stone Products is partnering with E.R.Snell Contractor, Inc. to invest in a new aggregate processing plant and new asphalt plant at the Broad River Quarry. The gross capital investment into our community will be well over 10 million dollars, with an additional personal property outlay and new jobs investment.

Other details are still pending.


Georgia Stone Products is a crushed stone supplier already located in Elbert County. They supply stone products for infrastructure, such as roads, with emphasis on environmental efficiencies.

E.R. Snell Contractor, Inc. is centralized in Gwinnett County, specializing in road construction.