ImageHere is the latest from NEW survey participants since our last posting:

Comparing 2017 to 2018, employee wages and profitability are up and most companies will be diversifying their product and finding experienced employees while increasing worker productivity with improved internal efficiencies (biggest challenges). Roads and good citizenship were also a sampling of additional needed resources.


All of the latest respondents were from Elberton, accounting for 77% of the total report, but we are still hoping to have a little more county diversity by including more Bowman and unincorporated business answers.

Ten questions and two minutes is all it will take to add your thoughts to the survey so we have conveniently placed it at the bottom of this page. Most questions are optional and nothing will be published identifying you or your company.

Use the survey also as an opportunity to reach the Development Authority of Elbert County, Elberton & Bowman’s economic development director and board with your answers and comments.

Thank you to everyone involved. A full interpretation of survey results is estimated to be published during the week of February 25, 2019.

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