Jobs signageFISCAL YEAR END?
Does Your Accountant Know if You Are in the ZONE?

As yearly corporate tax filing continues, the Development Authority would like to remind all Elbert County businesses about two job tax credit incentives you should discuss with your accountant.

Both incentives are listed below, with links to their associated maps.

Opportunity Zone- Elberton

A Job Tax Credit Program open to any business located within defined areas of Elberton. For each full-time job (minimum of 2 NEW jobs), a tax credit of $3,500 may be applied to your corporate income tax liability (prior to claiming withholding).

Elberton Opportunity Zone Map
Opportunity Zone Certification Form
Link to Forms IT-CA and Form IT-WH on the Department of Revenue Site

– Jobs created ONLY WITHIN the Elberton Opportunity Zone designated area
– Credits are available as long as the Zone retains its “designation”
– All legal business types may apply for the credit
– A business must create at least 2 NEW full-time jobs within a tax year
– All new jobs MUST OFFER health insurance, but the employer DOES NOT have to pay for insurance, just offer it
– The credit may be applied toward 100% of any corporate income tax liability on the Georgia Income Tax Return and payroll withholding
– Must pay in excess of lowest county wage

Planning a “big expansion”? File a “Notice of Intent” with the Commissioner of Community Affairs, stating the number of expected new jobs and the dates. If accepted, job credits may begin at the time of acceptance.


Georgia Tier II- Elbert County

May be used to reduce state payroll withholding liability in Tier 2 counties if your company has created 10 or more jobs within the last tax year.

Incentive: Tax credit of $3,000 per job, per year for the first five years of each qualifying job that is created during a five-year window after the project qualifies

The exact value of each Job Tax Credit depends on where the jobs are created Download the map and credit table 


  • Jobs must be net new jobs to Georgia
  • Project must create the required minimum number of qualifying jobs for Tier II (see map and credit table)
  • Jobs must be full-time
  • Jobs must pay more than the average wage of the county with the lowest average wage in the state ($480 per week as of June 2017)
  • New employees must be offered health insurance benefits consistent with what is offered to existing employees
  • Company must engage in a qualifying industry:
    • Manufacturing
    • Warehousing and Distribution
    • Processing
    • Telecommunications
    • Tourism
    • R&D Facilities
    • Biomedical Manufacturing

Using the Credits:

Download the map and credit table 

Additional credits are available for job retraining on new machinery, hiring veterans, and television and film companies. Read more…