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What We Do

Our relationship will create opportunities and accomplishments.

Authority Assignments

Sites & Buildings

We introduce incoming businesses and site selectors to Elbert County through land, building sites, lifestyle, etc.

Foundation Work

Workforce training, rural funding, on-site visits, local resources…

Business Information Resources

We are your one stop for anything business

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No Project Too Big Or Too Small

As a large county, we are home to regional, national and international headquarters. Your site is right here, in Elbert County!

The Development Authority of Elbert County is a Georgia public authority that serves the interests of the County and its two incorporated cities: Elberton and Bowman.

Our economic development team has been entrusted with the future economic growth of the county because of proven outside-the-box thinking, innovation, creativity & challenges.

We are very much pro-business and are your main resource for information, education, site selection, financial and incentives:


  • We introduce incoming businesses and site selectors to Elbert County through land and building sites, lifestyle, etc. Know where and what we are. There will be no doubt you will want to grow here
  • One-stop business information resource
  • Business start-up, expansion & retention services
  • Assistance in identification of appropriate real estate sites
  • Liaison between local and state officials on all business ventures related to the county
  • Collaboratively work with businesses and principals regarding incentives and/or financial resources

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A New State Video Through Development Authority Promotes the Elberton Industrial Park

We are builders, mentors, and good listeners.

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