Both Pinnacle Bank and McDonald’s have business plans that include significant renovations and reinvestment to the community:


Pinnacle Bank SignagePinnacle Bank has let us know “big things are happening” with a complete renovation!

Please bear with the renovation through mid-August when a whole new bank look will be revealed, along with a new Pinny ‘Interactive’ Teller Machine.

Currently, “over the construction and noise”–a mobile unit is on-hand, still serving the community.

Pinnacle’s renovation goals are to improve customer interaction and service in a more modern environment, making access to everything, easier.


Pinnacle Bank Construction

Mc Donalds Construction

McDonald’s will update us more, mid-June with all the details!







Factors affecting economic development are varied and wide. The work Pinnacle and McDonald’s are doing not only improve the appearance and function of their own buildings and one of our busiest streets, but also spurs other private investment in adjacent commercial areas.

The community is excited about the final products and will always be faithful patrons.