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ELBERT COUNTY, GA, slw – The Great Promise Partnership, Elbert County Board of Education, Development Authority of Elbert County, Elberton & Bowman, Elbert County government, cities of Elberton and Bowman, and private leadership all came together today to give high school students “a hand in their future” through employment, by signing a proclamation affirming their commitment to this brand new program.

Further affirmed was the recognition of Elbert County as a GPP Cornerstone Community.

Hilda Garrison, Regional Coordinator of the Great Promise Partnership, was the guest speaker and first person to sign the proclamation after reading it to the group, prior to the Development Authority’s  regular monthly meeting.

Other signers included School Superintendent Chuck Bell, County Commissioner Tommy Lyon, Elberton Mayor Larry Guest, Bowman Mayor Mark Berryman, Development Authority Chairman Jason Smith, Elbert County Extension Services Agent Christa Campbell , and Development Authority Director Rusty Warner.

This new program benefits the Elbert community and employers by giving students an opportunity to become successful in both school and the work world. Five students are currently involved in a menagerie of jobs:

  • County                                2 students
  • City of Elberton                 1 student
  • Whitlow Electric                2 students

Development Authority leaders wish to thank school Superintendent Chuck Bell and his entire staff for embracing the program, which allowed the community to become involved with a unified vision.

A thank you also needs to be given to our behind the scenes supporters, Elbert County Commissioner Tommy Lyon and the entire county commission, especially Lee Vaughn, for attending the meetings while offering support and influence.

Watch our great future workforce and future neighbors grow and grow!

Read all about the Elbert County program.

Any business interested in sponsoring a qualified high school student during the fall semester, please contact the program director or  Development Authority.

Current program sponsors:



The Great Promise Partnership is supported by the Governor’s  office. Currently, 22 counties are involved in the Program; 10 are considered a developing site; Elbert County is the State’s newest member.