Hometown Georgia, through Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB) ‘filmed the county’ during August and September for a spring 2019 broadcast.

The associate producer and cameraman took a particular interest in our county because of the warm reception and support of our citizens. Not one citizen request for an interview or help with production was turned down, and a few lasting friendships between crew and citizens were made. Because of these efforts, we have been told to expect a spectacular show, highlighting all that is good about our county. Watching the interviews, we can tell you that our new TV stars poured out their love for this community.

Without a spoiler alert, hours and hours of footage was taken, including the football game against Hartwell, the granite industry, downtown businesses, and other places around the county. They focused exclusively on “stories told by devoted and passionate residents,” creating a menagerie of clips.


The show is now in post-production. This means the footage is being edited to show in the spring on Hometown Georgia, sponsored by Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB).

GPB supplies quality and “locally produced programming to every county in Georgia, and to significant portions of surrounding states.”

What’s Next?

The  Development Authority has more plans in-the-works for a special ‘citizen surprise!’ We will update you as soon as this is coordinated.