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June 25, 2019 – Mayor Larry L. Guest of Elberton announced today that the City of Elberton is expanding the Elberton Industrial Park.  Mayor Guest stated that he and the Elberton City Council unanimously approved purchasing 165 acres of land adjacent to the existing Industrial Park to be used for future developments.

“We are pleased to be able to market this large tract to potential industries who may locate in Elberton.  The largest usable tract we have now in the Industrial Park is about 25 acres, so adding this land will allow us to go after companies who need more land for a larger facility.  All of our utility infrastructure is in place at the Park, so this was a tremendous opportunity to expand the Park without the additional development costs of installing utilities to the site,” said Guest.

Guest said he and City Manager Lanier Dunn had already informed state project managers that the large site was becoming available.  “Lanier and I met with Location Georgia last week to see how they can help us market this large tract as well as the smaller sites in the Industrial Park.  Now that we have partners like the Elbert County Commission and Athens Technical College working with us, we believe we will be able to bring industrial prospects to Elberton again,” said Guest.

The total investment by the City of Elberton in additional land was $445,000.  In 1996 the City purchased the original Industrial Park land for $450,000 and added over $500,000 in utility infrastructure and roads.  The City plans to repave Progress Boulevard soon and replace the Park entry landscaping later this year.