Surveys are still coming in from Elbert business owners, presidents, and managers.

So far, the Top Forecast Changes for 2019 are an “expected customer increase,”¬†¬†but how to do that still seems a challenge to 18% of the respondents.

Opinions sway about the Overall Perception of Doing Business in Elbert County. The top two trending answers are: “Even though our economy has stayed basically the same, Elbert still seems a tough place to do business.”

62% of respondents say their business performed as expected in 2018.

If you have different answers to share, please do. We need to hear from you and have conveniently placed the survey at the bottom of this page.

Use this also as an opportunity to reach the Development Authority of Elbert County, Elberton & Bowman’s economic development director and board with your answers and comments.

Most questions are optional and nothing will be published identifying you or your company.

This is also a great opportunity to contact the Director for a personal phone call or visit.

Thank you to everyone involved with the survey.


We appreciate what you do and that you chose Elbert County for your business,

Development Authority of Elbert County, Elberton & Bowman Board, and Staff


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